Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Christmas Season is upon us!!

I've been meaning to post pictures of my decorations for Christmas this year because I'm very excited about them. I decided to get the place decorated before Thanksgiving so when I hosted the turkey festivities at my place this year they could see my decorations for Christmas as well since I'll be out of town for Christmas.  We're going to Boston for Christmas and I'm very excited, minus the fact that I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet!! 

So, I purchased a fake black tree from Garden Ridge and decided to go with silver, white, and red ornaments to make for a classy tree. I got these really cool vases for the mantel and filled them with cranberries to give some color. I was really trying to go for simple and clean looking decorations. It looks so much better than these pictures. But you get the idea. I'm so excited for my tree. I have it front of a door with windows so you can see my lit tree from the street. It makes me very happy. I've been focusing on relaxing, listening to Christmas music and journaling. 

How is everyone else decorating this year?!


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