Saturday, August 01, 2009

Inspirational Women

This lady is 83 years old and has been teaching yoga for 40 years! Wow, I totally want to be like that! I have so much work ahead of me, I don't even know how people do get that strong but I really want to be able to stand on my head!

I'm really looking forward to getting my yoga books in soon, I hope I get them in before I leave for Germany this Wednesday. 

Other crazy inspirational women is the 88 y.o. mayor of Mississauga in Canada. She's been major for 31 years and the city doesn't have any debt.  We need more people like her running things!


Anne Sophie said...

I just want to tell you, that I'm very faschinated by you blog, and I've become one of your followers.

- Ann-Sophy (Denmark)

Anonymous said...

Yoga is insane! You have to be super strong to hold your body at such crazy angles!

I've moved:



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