Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Day 2 of FlyLady

I think I forgot to put a link to this FlyLady site http://flylady.net/index.asp

So, Day 2 is just getting fully dressed for the day first thing in the morning.  I pretty much have that one down because I have to work 5 days a week by 7 am so I'm dressed pretty quickly after I get out of bed.  However, weekends are a different story, I like to stay in my pjs and robe and sit on the deck with breakfast.  I can take 1 day off a week at least!

Well, I'm also suppose to keep my sink clean and shiny, and right now I have it all cleaned, the counters are cleared of dishes and are clean! So, doing well there! I just need to really get the rest of my house in shape, but that's why its baby steps!! Although, I do have a guest coming Saturday and I probably need to have things a little cleaner for when she comes.  

Writing all this stuff in my blog, may not be that exciting but it does help me want to stay on track!  I must be boring everyone though, especially if you are an organized tidy person, not like myself!

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