Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I'm sitting at my parents' house playing on my computer, teaching my mom some fun tricks with her apple laptop.  I know I've been so bad at updating lately, new things in my life is my awesome new patio dining table!

It doesn't have the umbrella since I don't need one because my back deck is covered by a roof.  I wish I were black instead of the tan color that it is, but I figured I may just spray paint it black sometime. It really looks pretty good, especially considering the price I got it for, everything outdoors is on sale right now, if anything is left. It looks so much better on deck than what I had before.  I had a bunch of those folding lawn chairs that you take for camping/outdoor events, and this table my husband made out of half a wood door that was rotting because it was water damaged.

I have to work tomorrow on Labor Day. Blah, not looking forward to it.  I have to cover the Cardiopulmonary part of the hospital. I'm pretty sure it will be the ICU which isn't so bad, its just kind of a pain in the butt to get these people up because they have like 10 different lines you have to arrange and sometimes the nurses aren't always nice.  Most of the nurses are nice and helpful and excited you are there to help, but others I don't know how they like their patient's handled so I'm hesitant to get them up so then I feel like I've missed a bunch of patients.  But whatever, I'm going to have greek food for lunch!  There is greek church right next to the hospital and they have a festival every labor day weekend.  I'm going with a group of my co-workers to take a long break for lunch! Why not?! I know most people aren't going to want to do much tomorrow. I just hope there aren't very many people to see since it was a holiday weekend.

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