Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Death in the Family

Ahhhh, I'm back home from a weekend out of town for a funeral. Right now I'm enjoying my cocktail hour, of course, having a bloody mary cuz I was looking at my last post and the picture of the bloody mary and everyone's comments made me really want a spicy drink! It was a slightly somber weekend due to a death in the family on my mom's side.  It was an expected death because the individual was diagnosed with cancer with no good treatment option so they chose to just live out the rest of their life at home on hospice. I think the biggest thing about a death in the family is of course being there for the family members who were closest to the person who died. So, that was me and my husband's biggest goal for the weekend. There was also unfortunately some family tension so being there to support your family also is important. There was an individual who wasn't even related to the person who died, she was married to the son of the person who died, and she threw away some of our family's history when cleaning out the individual's home. She literally threw very very old pictures of my mom's family in the garbage! There were pictures of my great grandfather who came over from Italy to start a family here. My grandfather was the first generation here, and there were precious photos in these albums, and this woman threw them in the garbage! Luckily, one of my relatives was able to fetch them from the trash so that we could preserve them, but holy h*ll!! Who does that?! Such a violation of someone's family, and this woman's husband didn't even stop her!! Well, aside from this crazy business for a sad event, things went well and there was much love and remembering that happened. Sorry this is a sad post, but really it was a nice weekend with family reuniting and kind of rejoicing with each other about family history. I had a pleasant time, and my husband got to learn about my mom's side of the family and our history.

Now, I'm home and relaxing on the couch, sipping my spicy Bloody Mary, and thinking of having some dinner soon. I will do better this week about blogging, I have so many fun pictures I have been taking to share about some of the things I've been up to, but I'm so bad about uploading them onto my computer. Bare with me!!


Lourie said...

Sorry for your loss. I am happy those pictures were retrieved. That is crazy. And well,it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! The photo thing is just wrong - I've been working on organizing all our photos we have at the house and the fun ones are the older ones - I can't believe someone would throw them in the trash??

Tiffany said...

I'm so sorry that your family has had to deal with a death in the family. I'm also sorry you've had to deal with family drama in the midst of that. I'm sure your mom is so thankful that you and your husband were there to support her. I am SO glad that the photos were retrieved from the trash!! Praise the lord they were able to be recovered.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that. The woman... why do people like that even exist? Just hearing about what she did makes me really angry!

Carmie, the Single Nester said...

Having lost my brother 5 months ago, I can feel your pain and the pain of someone not related doing things that are not nice. I can tell ya stories girl!


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