Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gin & Bareit...

Mmmm, relaxing after a day of work with my favorite drink of the week a Gin & Tonic (I should start doing a drink of the week, huh?).  It's such an easy drink! Just take a glass of any size and do about half gin and half tonic water depending on your own preference.  Then you just take half a lime (more or less) and squeeze the juice into the drink. I also like to drop the lime into the drink. The below picture actually looks a lot like the one I made today! I don't know what it is about this drink, but it really tastes good. I think it's because it's a little sweet and tart. I really don't like super sweet drinks. I have them from time to time. I love red wine and I love Dirty Martinis. I think those are my top 2 favorite drinks!

Gin & Tonic 

I'm very excited because after Tuesday I have the rest of the week off from work! I had to work today, but the hospital is pretty quiet on Sundays, which is so nice. I've been getting so burnt out at work lately that I decided to take some days off this week. It really sucks sometimes being in the real world! However, it is nice to not go to classes everyday and have test after test. Also, having a regular paycheck doesn't hurt either.

So, I have 5 days off, and Jeff and I thought of going to Chicago next weekend, but honestly I'm thinking that having 5 whole days at home would be awesome! You know how it is when you go on vacation and when you get back home all you want is more time off just to have a vacation at home. I feel like I'm so behind on all these things that I want to get organized that having some extra time would be awesome.

Now I just need to figure out what I want to do with my time. I really need to organize my iphoto albums, somehow I have all these duplicate photos. It's annoying! For anyone who is a crazy organizer (who I wish I was more like) you need to check out how this chick organized her digital photos.

What would you do with a few extra free days?


Stevie said...

Oh, I love a good gin and tonic. Or a vodka tonic or vodka soda. They're so refreshing on a hot day!

I also love red wine and dirty martinis. You have excellent taste in cocktails! ;-)

Aimee said...

Im dont like tonic water at all. You should do a drink of the week...

Thats awesome you get 5 days off from work. Lucky. If I had 5 days off I would like to think I would clean, organize, read a book, and pick up a new hobby. But it would be more likely that I would sleep a lot, read chick lit, go out with friends, and sleep some more.

Have fun with your 5 days off whatever you decide to do

tina said...

I like a gin & tonic once in a while too! I use Tanqueray gin, which is a little sweeter than the other gins.

db said...

I'd prefer a vodka & tonic with oranges or limes. I think gin tastes too much like Christmas Trees!

I agree about having a "staycation". I get stressed out when traveling and then having to be places the day after I get home. Enjoy your days off!

Anonymous said...

I've been slowly organizing my iphoto library =) and uber organizing everything else in the house - i'm an obsessive organizer though... can't help myself!

Anonymous said...

Now gin and tonic I DO like. Refreshing. I don't like sweet drinks, either.


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