Monday, November 15, 2010

Case of the Mondays...

I had a super rough day at work today. I had a rather challenging patient who was really offensive and didn't know when to close his mouth! It's always challenging to deal with patients sometimes. People can be rough to work with. I sometimes wish I had a job that didn't involve people, but I know that wouldn't be that interesting or full-filling. Does anyone else feel like that somedays?

I've develop a new obsession though, I am totally falling in love with food blogs! Right now there is this Food Blog project going on over at FoodBuzz and I have been looking at as many videos as I can to cast my vote on my favorites!

So, some new blogs (for me) that I've been following!

And I'm sure I'll be finding more! I wish I had more time to read everyone's blogs more often.

1 comment:

jojo said...

I have that problem with patients too. It's so hard to bite my tongue sometimes.


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