Monday, November 08, 2010

Coffee Mania!

It's official, my husband and I are coffee snobs! We just recently purchased a really nice espresso maker and this fancy dancy bean grinder!

 Super nice Espresso maker

 Fancy Dancy Bean Grinder
Supposedly according to my hubby having one of these Burr grinders, as it is actually named, can improve the flavor of your coffee even using a simple coffee machine. The thing is a small engine!! It weighs about as much as our KitchenAid mixer!

This is such a ridiculous picture! We have way too many things to make coffee!! This morning however I went with the simplest of the 3 choices. I used the good ol' fashioned coffee press!

I don't really drink coffee for breakfast everyday like used to, however my husband does he's an addict! I like to put some agave nectar and some plain soy milk in my coffee, it really tastes yummy! I love having a slow lazy morning drinking coffee and catching up on trash TV, such as my new favorite, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

I know it's such a waste of time, but I can't seem to get away from the housewives! Well, that's a little into what I did with my day off today. Now I need to get to bed cuz it's back to work early in the morning tomorrow!


Kelsey Claire said...

Now that is fancy!

Shelley Ann said...

the real housewives is quality television in my eyes :) i was pleasantly surprised at beverly hills. it has potential!

Anonymous said...

Oh man somehow I don't know if panera's mochas will live up to your new home coffee bar!! =)


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