Friday, May 27, 2011

Journal Challenge


Now I probably try challenges too much and can never stay on top of them, but what the hell at least I keep trying maybe it will stick at some point! My dad always says, "There is no such thing as try, you can only do or do not." So, I'm going to DO this 30 Day Journal challenge in June. Now what I've decided to do as well in June is to also challenge myself to cut back on my TV. I'm still deciding if I want to attempt to cut it out completely or set a limit. Not sure yet. I realize that I fill my time with useless TV show information most of the time, so from now I'm going to start listening to more of my classroom lectures for one of my classes as well as listen to insightful audio books. I used to think my mom was crazy always listening to audio books and now I realize they help you multi-task in such a productive way!

I have a bunch of other challenges I would love to do, but like I said previously I need to narrow my focus, so probably shouldn't try too many things all at once.

Anyone else up for a challenge?

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