Sunday, September 18, 2011

Long Weekend....

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!! I had a pretty long weekend for the most part. I had Friday off and I spent most of the day going through my very disorganized and messy office attempting at some organized packing.  How do people stay organized?!! I wish it came more naturally for me, but it's so much work, and I'm kind of lazy. 
After organizing all day Friday, went to happy hours with my friends and then headed over to the Annual Balloon glow that they do over at Forest Park. It wasn't very exciting, but FYI for anyone who ever decides to go next year, phones don't work in an area of thousands of people! So, make you're plans well in advance with your friends!

Balloon Glow

Saturday Morning I got up early and went for a spin class. A friend and I bought a Groupon for Spinning at this place that mainly does spinning classes. Spinning is seriously so intense and you have to really push yourself. It was a pretty good class since the teacher was pretty chill. I enjoyed it, my friend looked like she dropped a buck of water on her head, she's so well hydrated! Afterwards I kept her company at a little kids soccer game, but I had to get some Starbucks before we did that. I luckily was able to find a local cafe on the way with the Starbucks app for my phone. 

My needed morning coffee

After soccer and lunch I went to Target with my friend and bought some of those plastic containers for packing. I may have also splurged on a shirt for me and some toys for my dog Kahlua as well!
 Kahlua and her new toy, she loves it!

Got the new issue of Vogue

Had a pretty chill rest of the weekend. We took part in this kickball championship today that was a little limited due to lots of rain aaallll day. My team though won so we get these special champion shirts! I was so excited cuz I actually got 2 runs and it was my first time at playing kickball. I know it doesn't take much skill, but I was excited for actually scoring!! 

 Me and Kahlua in the Rain

All wet from playing kickball in the Rain

So, that was a break down of my weekend. I have so much packing to do!! This week I need to focus my free time on packing. 
Any advice?!!


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