Thursday, July 01, 2010

Amazing Weather!

We've been having such great weather here this week! No humidity and in the 80s in the daytime and 60s by the evenings. I was in the Botanical Gardens last night again with my friends, relaxing and drinking wine, it was awesome!!

Today I had such a great opportunity! One of my friends is out of town for the week and she's apart of one those Fair Share food coop things where you pay ahead of time for farmer's goods and pick a bunch of food up each week, so she let me get her goods this week! I've thought of joining one of these things and wanted to see what its all about and its really fun, and we got some great stuff tonight.

We of course had to do a little bbq, especially since we got some bison brots with the whole lot as well, and they were delicious! Very lean and dense meat, you can tell its not all fatty and gross. And of course you can't bbq without some beer, mmm Sam Adams!! Yea we have fancy glasses just to drink Sam Adams out of, I know we're freakin' in love with Boston!

Check out how beautiful all our food looked, we made bruschette with tomatoes and all this great basil we got today.

And we made up some zucchini to grill, mmm so good, we also made corn on the grill that was awesome!
And check out these blue berries that my husband can't stop eating, he started eating them the minute we picked up all this stuff!

Thank you to my friend who let me take her food! And thanks to all the hard working farmer's from MO and IL!!


Lourie said...

Oh my husband would totally eat the berries up too.

Steph S. said...

Thanks! Now I'm STARVING!!!! haha :)

Anonymous said...

Yum! I love bruschetta. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Scrumptious!! You have a talent for cooking and making everything look so fabulous!


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