Monday, July 05, 2010

Flash from the past...

I didn't get a chance to post like I would have liked to this weekend because I went home and was pretty busy with my parents/family. I love going to my parents for the weekends, especially in the summers because they have a pool and it started again with the heat this weekend! So, I definitely got some sun, but not burnt this time around.

So, the funniest thing I did this weekend was I offered to help my mom organize all of our old photos that have been sitting in  a box in the living room. Well, its actually just 1 box of photos of several boxes (a lot more boxes.... eek!).  So, it's going to take time, but I started scanning and organizing the family memories. There are sooo many!! It was hilarious though.  Seeing old pics of me and my siblings, we look so funny!! Of course I hate the pictures of me from my awkward era... maybe they could disappear on accident?

This picture is actually really really embarrassing, cuz it really shows how much a dork I was (and still am) when I was a kid.

Yea for those of you who could possibly be sci-fi nuts, that's me dressed up as a Star Trek character (The Next Generation, for those of you who may wonder, probably no one knows the difference... yea I'm a huuuuuge dork...).

Here's one of me, and I think I had a perm?! Cuz my hair is pretty straight, and it was even more straight when I was a kid. This is me holding my violin, and I have a strange look on my face... I was such a dork!! I think I was cuter when I was a lot younger!

So, now I've shared some pretty embarrassing photos of my childhood (I'll be looking through a lot more!!) But, if anyone is inspired, post your own!! You should never take yourself too seriously, right?


Lourie said...

No way are you a dork!!! I used to scoff at Trek stuff, but then I got into Voyager. I would totally be Janeway! Don't have the body for Seven of Nine. Hahaha. BE careful wearing red! Who's the dork now? LOL

Anonymous said...

That's really brave of you! No way am I posting mine, I don't want to think of those awkward years!!! I cringe just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize I'd never seen a photo of you from when you were younger - and I would never have guessed it was you! I hate photos from my "awkward phase" eeee! Did you have blonde hair in the first photo- you look so glam with your makeup - not dorky! Aww I just saw the kitty cat under the bench -


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