Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seven Colors Award

Sorry I have been MIA this past week! I've gotten lazy... But anywho I must thank Shelley Ann over at Painting the Memories for passing along an award called "Seven Colors".  Thanks so much Shelley Ann!! 

The award requires that you list 7 things that make you happy! This will be fun!

1) My lovely husband of course!

2) My 3 funny cats and dog, they are like my kids right now.... it's kind of sad.
The kitties look so creepy in this pic right?

Kahlua is such a ham, always posing for the camera

3) My family!!

4) Coffee!!!

5) Running with my dog when I get my ass out the door... more how I feel afterward or when I'm having a really good running day.

6) Fresh produce, so inspiring...mmmm

7) Playing violin with my sister, we do weddings! ( This is an old photo of us, I couldn't find any others..)

Blogs who deserve this award...
Tarryn & Allison  @ 2Bloggeristas

Can't wait to hear what makes everyone happy!!


Shelley Ann said...

aw love the pictures! and the picture of your cats is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

thanks Tasha! =) Sorry I missed your call earlier I'm having some phone issues and just grabbed it off the charger upstairs and saw you called! I am now off to bed though because my brain is officially mush but I wanted to quickly say hi and thanks!!

Aubree said...

i love the cat picture! i almost missed the one on top of the cabinets haha

Lourie said...

Wooot! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! And oh thank you so much for the award! It made my otherwise awful day :-) Thanks for your supportive comment, too. You do know that I gave you an award too, right? A while ago. You look so pretty in your wedding dress, by the way.


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