Monday, August 01, 2011


There always comes a time when you have a huge decision to make in your life. I know that I haven't had to make too many huge decisions in my life. I guess the biggest decision for me was deciding to take a chance and fly all the way out to Boston to meet my now husband Jeff. This was after about 3 months of talking online and via the phone (we met on It was a pretty easy decision.

When I decided on colleges I only applied to one, Cottey College. I got in, no problem!

It was only a 2 year school so I had to transfer and by the time I had to do that I had decided on my career, Physical Therapy, another easy decision for me. I again only applied to one school, Saint Louis University.

When I graduated with my degree I only had to apply to one job, and got it straight out. My life has been pretty easy with big decision.

For my husband though, he's had to make some tough decisions. I always say that deciding to marry me was one of the fastest decisions Jeff has ever made. He proposed to me within about 6 months of meeting me.

But, he was living in Colorado at the time going to the Air Force Academy. He however decided to leave that school and join me in Saint Louis. This was an extremely hard decision for him. He felt so passionate about eventually becoming a fighter pilot until he came to the realization that it was not the career path that he wanted. He realized that it would not be the best for a family that he came to realize he valued more than anything. It was a pretty big deal to leave the academy and to change career paths.
Now, he's faced again with a big decision that affects our future so much. He has been job searching for the past 7 months. Unfortunately he hasn't had much success with finding a job that suits his career path now. He's only found 1 in Saint Louis that has potential.

He's finished interviewing for it and we're waiting to hear what the results will be. However, we have been discussing whether if he does get an offer to stay here. He would really love to move back to the New England area where he is originally from.

I would like to move there too since I've been living in the midwest for my entire life and had always loved the New England area. So, this is the time to consider moving, even if he doesn't have a job lined up, but I could easily find a job. He's been having trouble making network opportunities there while being so far away, so moving would help improve his chance of finding a job out there. I know it might not be ideal, but what if in a few years we have children and it's even harder to move? We still don't know what to decide if he gets this job here in Saint Louis, should he take it? Or should he not? Will the decision be made for him? Will he not get the job?
These are all things that have been rattling around in my head for the past few weeks. I suppose Jeff makes the ultimate decision because I'm just along for the ride with his career. I have my own ideas for my career, but luckily what I do can go anywhere. I guess my career path is pretty easy when it comes to making decisions, Jeff however has chosen a more challenging career path, but hopefully things work out.
So, what might you do? Stay where you are, or take a chance and move to the part of the country/world that you've always dreamed of living someday?

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