Saturday, August 06, 2011

Lazy Saturdays and Breakfast

Yay for weekends! I love lazy days. I get up, take my time making breakfast and then just sit and chill with Jeff. I love sitting down and slowly eating and enjoying breakfast. I really think breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Here is the breakfast we had this morning. We made poached eggs, so yummy!!

I've changed up my hours at work recently so that I don't have to be there till 8 am. I used to start at 7am so I always felt rushed out of the house since I'd have to get up so early to take my time in the morning. So, now I can get up at a more reasonable hour and make breakfast. I love getting up and making lattes with our fancy espresso maker and coming up with an easy delicious breakfast. I sit and eat my breakfast, drink my coffee, and read the news on my ipad. Jeff and I love talking about current events, which has mainly been the debt ceiling. 

Last night I went for a girls night with some of my friends. I got to wear this super cute green dress my mom got me. I also dyed my hair last night cuz my greys were looking bad!!!

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