Monday, August 22, 2011

Home Practice- Yoga

Today I did my very first yoga home practice session. I've done yoga sessions with videos before this of course, but this time I attempted to do some poses and vinyasas without guidance. It's so hard to do this without a teacher. I know I still have a lot to learn, but it was fun experimenting with the things I remember. 

I put on some calming music, lit some incense and rolled out my yoga mat. It may not have been the most focused because I had 2 dogs playing around me the whole time, but after a few positions and some attempts at the wheel pose I had worked up a sweat and was ready for shavasana. I attempted meditating for as long as I could, but of course the dogs got all excited above me while I tried to not think of anything. I did starting "oming" at one point which actually totally calmed the dogs down!

I did achieve that feeling you get after doing a yoga session where you feel refreshed and calm afterwards. It's my favorite feeling!


Marie said...

I love that feeling too, so relaxed and calm.:D

***** Marie ******

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me!


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