Saturday, October 01, 2011

Crochet School

I'm so excited to see that Craftyminx is offering a free crocheting class over at her blog! I'm very excited to attempt to follow along and improve my crocheting skills. I have done some squares as you've seen my attempts in the past, but I really haven't finished a project and I still don't think I'm doing everything correctly. Hopefully I can do that course as much as I'm able, and the journal course. I also have a lot of packing to do for the big move!! Here is some pics of the organizing/packing so far! Dinning room almost all packed up!!

You can see there are a lot of newspapers because I have so many fragile things in the dinning room. Hence the reason I decided to get some plastic bins for packing the things I really don't want to end up broken in the move. Ok back to packing up some fragile stemware!! 


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