Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Living it Up!

EarthFest 2012-Boston, MA

Since the weather has gotten nice here we have been living it up! I am loving all the things that are available to do here in New England. On Saturday we went into Boston for breakfast at this great Diner called the Deluxe Town Diner and then went to the Esplande in Boston for EarthFest 2012, so much fun!! There was also a Zombie Crawl going on in the city which was fun to witness as well!

Good Harbor Beach- Gloucester, MA

On Sunday we went back up to Gloucester to hang on Good Harbor Beach which was so relaxing. I totally got a sun tan! After the beach we went to the Cape Ann Brewing Company for dinner, delicious beer and lobster rolls, yum!!  

 Amazing Lobster roll, still looks so delicious!

 I'm loving these jam packed weekends, can't wait for them to be filled with spending time in our new house soon!


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