Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chicago and Running

Weekend of June 11-13th

Ok, so I have not had a chance to recap about this past weekend!! I was sooo lucky! I was able to randomly get last Friday off from work which was great cuz one of my friends came over Thursday night with margaritas to relax and watch "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," Love it!!!

So, we chilled had some drinks, woke up relatively early Friday morning and cleaned the house and packed for Chicago.  I had to meet up with my mom, 2 sisters, and family friend to drive up to Chicago in the early afternoon.  It was pretty nice cuz my mom drove us so I slept for a good amount of time in the car ride up.  We got in kind of late so had some dinner and sat around drinking wine catching up with my friend who we all stayed with.  She has a sweet apartment in Lincoln Park/ Rosco area.  Her place is super cute!! She's so close to everything too cuz she's on Diversy and only about a mile from the lake.

So, I woke up early (naturally) Saturday morning and used my friends gym in her condo, which was sweet! I ran on the treadmill which I haven't done in like a year, I could run so much faster on the treadmill than I used to be able to! Fun! I only ran about 2 miles cuz my half marathon was the next morning. After a shower and waiting for everyone else to get ready we walked down about 1-2 blocks from the condo to this cafe called "Sweet Bean".  I loved it!! Check it out!!

 Yea don't know who that random guy is in the pic, but I wanted to get the store's name.  Can you see how cute the Mocha is, they put a little flower in the froth!! They even have a Gelato stand, I had salmon on a whole wheat bagel, so delicious!!  It's such a great little cafe, you can walk in and order to go like Starbucks, or stay and order in the sit down manor. To top things off, they threw in some free Gelato at the end of our meal!!
After breakfast had to stop off and pick up my bib and running packet for the race, check out the sweet backpack I got! That's one of my crazy cats, Cleo, she really loves bags, I think she wanted me to open it so she could climb in!

I then headed to Hub 51 with my sister to meet up with some friends and have a drink...

I just hung out with my sister and friends for the rest of the day, and relaxed didn't do much else, went out in the rain at one point, not a good idea... It was impossible to get a taxi that day due to soooooo many festivals! I had to stay in for the night to get enough sleep to get up early for the run!

You probably can't see the salt encrusted on my eye lids! It was a little humid that morning, but a great morning to run.  The course was really quite nice, only 2 really large hill. I know I'm cheap I never by prints of my running, I think I look weird...

That was basically my Chicago weekend, it was fun! Sorry, I'm so behind on updating on posts!


Anonymous said...

That's such a cute cafe! Was the race in Chicago? For some reason I thought it was in St. Louis?? Happy Monday!

melissa said...

What an experience! great job on the race. I've never run one but my sister loves to do them. Great job!

Aubree said...

congratulations on the marathon! i don't think i could do that haha

Crazy Brunette said...

You ONLY ran 2 miles??? Jeez what the fuck is wrong with you?? Lazy bitch!!!!

You couldn't PAY me to run 2 miles... I'd be stopping every 100 feet to smoke... I'd need a coffee break... Screw it.


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