Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Return to Blogging

It seems that blogging is like trying to keep a journal, I always seem to put it off and forget to keep up with it. I doubt anyone even reads this anymore, maybe I should change the lay out? Well, I've decided to return to blogging cuz I've become so inspired by reading my dear friend's blog as well as all these many other cute blogs I've found through her blog. so cute and fun!

Well, all sorts of things are inspiring me this week. I've been working on becoming a runner, well a better runner. I've been running for a few years, but I'm extremely slow! I participated in the St.Louis Half Marathon this past April. I'm already signed up for another one next weekend on the North Shore in Chicago.

So, as I was saying my husband also got me this fun item that has also for some reason inspired me to run. See, I haven't been the best at keeping with my training schedule. I'm a little inconsistent. I've gone way too many days without running that I'm not making much head way sometimes. It's also gotten super humid and hot here already, and I hate running in the heat. I would give running in the snow any day instead of the suffocating heat. I'm adjusting through. So, my husband Jeff got me this really cute "Life Is Good" mug that for some reason makes me have that feeling of "Gotta run!"

Mug from my Hubby

I guess that's weird, but whatever works right?! Sometimes when I've gone too many days without running I start dreaming about needing to do it, and actually running in my dream. I went for a run today and my legs felt like lead for some reason and the weather was actually kind of nice. I think I only went about 2 miles or so.

Well, more to come on bettering my fitness level.

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