Monday, July 27, 2009

Already missing New England

Well we got back in from Boston late last night, still very tired from the weekend. I was so tired after work today that I ended up taking a 2 hour nap once I got home, it was a little too long.  We had an awesome trip, crammed in so much in a short weekend.  We wondered around Boston stayed out late with friends enjoying the city.  Though, my husband and I are so over the college type bar scene too loud and not always classy.  We're more into the calm quiet lounge type scene where you can just sip drinks, and not have to yell to talk to people. 

I totally fell in love with the North End of Boston! Its like a smaller version of a European City.  We ate at this amazing Italian restaurant and could actually hear the chef's speaking Italian, which means its definitely more authentic than most the Italian restaurants on the Hill in St.Louis.   My husband and I are hoping to move to Boston once he's finished with his Ph.D.  

Well, lets see it would be awesome if I could get my rear in gear and get my exercise program up and running, but I've been so lazy for some reason.  Tomorrow my goal is to wake up before work and do some yoga on my deck.  Its just hard to do that sometimes when I have to work at 7 am, which means I have to be up by at least 5 doing some exercise.  We'll see if I actually do it!! Maybe that I've written it here I will actually follow through!  Well, I'm sweating from the humidity I need to go lay in bed where the fan is blowing. 

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