Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Enjoy your workout

I totally didn't get up early this morning to do Yoga, but I did do my favorite yoga routine today.  I have this amazing workout dvd with 2 different yoga routines, The Joy of Yoga is the routine on the dvd I really love!
So, I did my yoga routine on my back deck with the rain pattering very peacefully around me.  It was awesome!  I even did some meditation/fell asleep for a few minutes. I really love yoga, its such the best workout.  It involves strength, flexibility, and deep breathing, all amazing things for your body.  It also is so calming and helps you be more in-tune with your own body.  

I've decided that since I love yoga so much I'm going to become more focused on doing yoga and maybe advancing more with it.  I was reading an interesting article about why people end up quitting a workout routine, and it made the point that you should enjoy your workout.  if you aren't enjoying your workout then you are definitely not going to stick with it. So, I really started to realize what types of exercise I really enjoy doing and yoga and running are things I really do enjoy doing.  Running is sometimes hard to get motivated about, but while I'm doing it, its such a satisfying feeling while you're running and afterwards.  

I decided to buy 2 yoga books that look really great.

I just ordered them today, excited to get them in to start reading up on yoga practice.  I know the yoga anatomy might freak some people out with the exposed muscles, muscles are like my bread and butter as a physical therapist.  It looks like such a fun book for me!! Very excited to get it in, hopefully soon!  I hope that I get them in before I leave for Germany a week from tomorrow, but we'll see how speedy the mail service is with amazon's free shipping.

So, figure out what kind of activity you really enjoy and focus on, here are some suggestions:

-Running outside (the gym can get so boring and expensive)
-Yoga (can do it anywhere really, just might want an extra mat when you are on wood floors)
-Hiking (always good for the calfs, quads, and helps with balance)
-Biking (amazing how many miles will zoom by on a good day!)
-Rock climbing (total body workout, start indoors, then maybe move to outside, I want to try it sometime soon)
-Swimming (very good cardio great for the  summer)
-Boxing (helps get any pent of energy, especially anger!)
-Rowing (pack a picnic and relax on the water after working up a sweat)
-Skiing (water or snow, you'll be having fun without realizing your working out!)
-Tennis (just run for the ball even if you're not good at it fun to have another person to motivate you too)
-Soccer (just kicking a ball around with another person helps get the heart up and strengthens the legs)

Just a few suggestions, you'll have fun while doing something good for your body!


Anonymous said...

I was checking out your site again as I've gotten back in to the blogging world and saw the yoga anatomy book which is crazy because that is one of Cat's fav books to show all her yoga patients!! Hope all is well! =)

Anonymous said...

Are these books any good? It would be good to know what you think because I'm interested and might buy them. And I've got to try that yoga DVD! what kind of yoga is it? I'm currently doing hatha and kundalini.


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