Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Count Down To Boston....

I'm very excited that tomorrow will be the last day of work for me for this week, and then its off to Boston! We're heading straight to the airport after I get done with my work, gonna take St.Louis' sketchy metro, will be an adventure as usual.  My husband is very excited to be back in Boston for a few days, he'll get to see his parents since he hasn't seen them since Christmas! We're really looking forward to having some fresh lobster maybe some oysters or clams....mmmm clam chowda, very excited!

Hopefully I can keep everyone updated about things , we'll see how much free time I get in before we get back home on Sunday.  I'm so tired already today on top of getting ready to leave for the weekend I had an awful day at work due to having this awful patient....
This particular patient is what we call a "frequent flyer".  They are always in and out of the hospital for no particular reason.  This patient's reason is due to pain med dependency, abuses the hospital system and medicaid/medicare system.  I just hate having patients that are "disabled" but really are perfectly capable of not be disabled.  I have seen plenty of patients with far worse deficits who totally can work and would not consider themselves disabled.   Who freakin decides who's disable and who's not?! I would be so mean and picky about the people I'd choose to actually be "disabled" because really there aren't many that I've seen who really physically are disabled.  If you can wheel your wheelchair all the way down the hall to the elevator then ride it to outside to smoke your damn horrible cigarettes, you are not disable, seriously you can obviously do the things you really want to do.  So seriously stop making us pay for your lazy ass... Sorry just my vent.  Well, I need to get some sleep, I'm tired will be getting up super early tomorrow to make sure I have everything packed before I go to work!

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