Sunday, July 05, 2009


Welcome to my first blog ever!  I was inspired to start a blog after being convinced by my very good friend Tarryn who has her very own fun blog that I of course follow.  So, to introduce myself I'm 25, married to my amazing husband Jeff for 2 years already, and I currently live in the midwest.  I recently completed my master's degree in physical therapy, passed my licensure exam, and started working full time! Believe me very exciting to finish a degree that felt like it would never end and now be working in a career I totally and fully love in every way. 

 I'm sure that I will write a lot about my career because its a huge part of my life and its difficult for me to not talk about the amazing things I see from day to day.  I work at Barnes a very large hospital in St. Louis, its one of the top hospitals in America and so I see a lot of interesting things.  My long time goal will be to have my own practice someday, hopefully in the Boston area.  Until then, I will be working hard at perfecting my therapy skills at Barnes until my Husband and I can move to Boston. 

My husband is from Boston, MA and its a really funny and embarrassing story as to how we met each other.  I was attending my second year of college at Cottey College (an all women's liberal arts college) and joined a dating site for fun.  It was just for the hell of it because a bunch of my friends were doing it and they had these free trials.  Within less than a day of being on the site I had "winked" at my future husband and we were talking for hours online and the phone within a day or two.  Within a week we were pretty much in love, problem though was that he was attending the Air Force Academy with very limited vacation time.  I didn't get to meet him in person for another 3 months, we met at the Boston airport where we couldn't find each other right away and I believe I met his brother, sister-in-law, and parents before I even met him! 

Well, long story short, he eventually decided to leave the academy and go to school in St.Louis where I had transferred to St.Louis University for school and he started at Washington University.   We found a cute apartment together until we got married and now we live a cute condo with our 3 crazy cats!  So, that's some of my background, I'm sure if I have any followers you'll find more about me as time progresses and I post more stuff, hope its interesting.  I'm excited to share my thoughts, favorite things, possibly some health and exercise advice, and just maybe meet some people with similar interests!

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