Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I just bought a new cosmetic bag (not that I really NEED a new one).  I thought it would be great for my trip to Germany, its small but big enough I think, at least it will help limit me to how much I pack.  I of course got it from Target, I had to make a run today I needed some more vitamins! Look at how cute it is!

Well, now I'm sitting at my computer drinking a margarita, again more alcohol after a run.  My husband though made the margarita from scratch no pre-mix sugar loaded stuff here.  Its just techila, quantro, and fresh lime juice with salt on the rim!  Its sweet without any added sugar because the techila is sweet (made from agave nectar more on that later) and so is the quantro. Quantro is orange liquor for those of you who like oranges, you can drink it straight up! Mmmm my margarita is good, I'm happy to have married a good bartender. 


So, since I figured some of my blog would have healthy tips for people and I find fitness and nutrition something that go hand-in-hand I have lots of knowledge to shard.  To fill you all in on this amazing nectar, Agave.  Agave nectar is from cacti I believe and its I believe 25% sweeter than sugar.  But, what I love about this amazing stuff is that it has a low glycemic index so it won't spike your sugar level.  Spiking your sugar level is what can lead to insulin resistance and that can lead to diabetes! EEk! Believe me I've see some scary shit when it comes to diabetes, limbs fall off, yea I know my job is kind of gross working in a hospital.  I'm sure you're all excited to hear about that.  But seriously since seeing very morbidly obese patients and having to lift them all day (which my day today was full of big fat people who on top of being fat have neurological damage so yay for me! I get to move their 100 pound limbs around) I really am trying to spread the word to prevent obesity and strokes, and all the many peoples that come with a very unhealthy diet! Sugar is actually one of the big culprits more than fat, because sugar causes your blood sugar to spike and store calories, hence store the fat your are eating, so its better to eat them separately and really limit your sugar intake.  Ok I'll come down off my soap box for today.  I need to go help my husband make dinner, we're having fajitas, and I believe he brought me home some whole wheat tortillas!! Yay!


heisschic said...


thanks for the tips! Amy's & Kashi are two of my favorite brands, can't wait to try your other recommendations.

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh interesting! - I'll give you a call later to help with adding photos I think this is still super cuteness!! =) Oh I started my own blog because I was collecting so much gluten-free info and I wanted to put it all in one place so here is the link:
chat soon!


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