Saturday, July 11, 2009

Relaxing Saturday

Finally the weekend! I'm so enjoying some time off.  I had such a long week, so exhausted by Friday, so excited to sleep in this morning, even though my husband I woke up before 6 am ;)

So, today Jeff (my husband) and I went took a trip to William-Sonoma to spend our last gift card from our wedding 2 years ago.  We bought this super sweet Italian cappuccino maker: 

Bialetti Mukka Glass Cappuccino Maker

I'm excited to try it out this evening.  supposedly all you have to do is put the water and ground coffee in the bottom and some milk in the glass portion and heat it on the stove.  Then it makes 2 cups of cappuccino, like that!  You can even use soy milk! I hope to figure out how to make my own mochas with some less sugary chocolate syrup.  
I'll tell you the recipe once I figure it out. 

So, after we got the cappuccino maker we went out for some lunch.  We went to what is currently my favorite restaurant.

They have such great sand
wiches and they make their own pasta!  Me and my husband got 2 different sandwiches and just shared a half of each to try the different sandwiches, they are soooo amazing! Not really the healthiest but they use fresh ingredients.  The fresh pasta is super good too, they always have specials for the season because they always use the freshest ingredients.  So, after having a lunch like that Jeff and I aren't really that hungry this evening, I'm thinking I'll just have a martini, maybe some yogurt and popcorn later.  We're just watching "To Be or Not to Be" I love Mel Brooks movies, always classics! 

While we were at the restaurant I picked up a new issue of Sauce Magazine.  Its a free magazine in St.Louis that provides information on the best food and events in St.Louis.  I love the stuff they have, recipes, restaurants, fresh produce, and always new green ideas.  They also have such beautiful photography in it like this one:

Just one of those photos that makes you wanna each something fresh and green!  Maybe I'll make a small salad for tonight? Whateve' maybe just something to drink.... its Saturday right?!

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