Monday, July 06, 2009

Beautiful Day

So far the day has been going well. I had a productive day at work that flew by, came home and took a nap for like 30 minutes before going for a 2o minute run.  Now I'm just chilling on the couch drinking a martini waiting for some guests for bbq! 

I love martinis! My favorite so far is a dirty martini, with vodka.  I know its not the healthiest thing to have after a run, but according to one of my PT teachers (a cardiopulmonary specialist, very big to do) having alcohol in moderation actually raises your good cholesterol, which may be why mine is high in a good way! So, drink up, but in moderation to improve your cholesterol!


Ashley Pizarro said...

Hey Girl! I just recently started following your blog! I left you a little something on my most recent post! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the drinking after running - I attempted a jog today - ended up limping and having chai afterwards... granted it was before 8 am or I may have gone for some wine ;-) LOVE this background for the blog PERFECT!


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